Amazing Design Home in Costa Rica by Joan Puigcorbé


The INOUT House of San José, on the island of Costa Rica was recently finished and as we discovered it, there was no question that this is an architectural and design achievement. The main target was to blend modern design with the surrounding lush natural environment, and to have a smooth, almost invisible indoor to outdoor transition (INOUT.. IN-OUT.. ok we got it.).

The project is headed by Joan Puigcorbé, an renowned architect who also designed the Casa Altamira in Costa Rica. This time, the home covers an impressive 651 square meters and it is with high quality Melina wood that it takes shape, aligned by horizontal planes. MKBstudio provided the furniture for the interior, where the bedrooms are all placed towards the outer part of the home, while the inner part is composed of the regular rooms such as living room, kitchen and swimming pool (not sure if a swimming pool is a “regular room” but you know what we mean).

Glass walls allow the residents to effortlessly feel as if they are deep in the Costa Rican jungle, with water plans, verdant vegetation and blue skies composing epic landscapes. The blending of modern design and nature is really the key point and completely successful in our opinion. What do you think? check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-3 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-4 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-5 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-6 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-7 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-8 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-9 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-10 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-11 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-13 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-14 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-15 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-16 check-out-this-stunning-modern-home-in-costa-rica-by-joan-puigcorbe-27

To see all the pictures and plans of the house, head over to Archdaily.


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