An exotic touch to your Home Deco

If you are the kind of person that likes to have a touch of exotic at home, then we’ve prepared some great tips for you! We recently collaborated with a company that manufactures traditional African fabrics such as super wax, dutch wax, brocades and other such cotton based materials on a project of home deco design with an african touch. We are usually pretty contemporary and like to keep it conservative here at Great Upholstery, but every now and then, stepping out of one’s comfort zone is a great way to discover more about yourself.

The project we worked on was for redecorating someone’s house who lived about 20 years in Cote D’Ivoire and wanted to have a modern and contemporary theme but also with a recall of Africa. We got to work straight away and contacted a company which provided us with lots of beautiful fabrics called “wax prints” and they were absolutely stunning. Here are a few that we got from them:


African print sofa

African print sofa


1. Fabrics for your upholstery

One of the best ways to use these fabrics in your home is to use it to cover your sofas and furniture. A simple foam padding on your couch with some african fabric sewn on it will definitely add a colorful and exotic touch, and if you have some experience in upholstery, you will be able to mix and match lots of patterns and colors for a vibrant and energetic combination.
If your upholstery skills are a bit dusty, you can always go for a much simpler option of just quilting some cushion covers with the fabric, easy to sew, easy to wash, ideal for the upholstery beginners!

african fabric home interior - Daviva print

Daviva printed fabric

2. Tapestry

Tapestries look great in a room with a very simple deco, however they can quickly make the place look overloaded. To give that African vibe to your home interior, you can definitely consider getting some mudcloths if you like the geometric pattern style. This would look great if you have a lot of pattern and print influenced elements in your interior. Alternatively, if you want to focus on the natural aspects of your home interior, you may want to try some artificial animal furs which look great hung up on a wall. These will blend in perfectly with plants and nature colors such as brown and green.

African tapestry

3. African art and sculpture
For a strong reminder of African culture and art, you can also opt for some African style sculptures and masks. These will look really great inside a home where the theme is focused on culture and history. Traditional African artifacts include masks and statues, often carved from organic materials like wood. For a contemporary style, make sure to keep the accessorial design simple and clean, in order to drive the focus on the artifacts and not overload the visual aesthetic.

These are just a few ideas which we came up with, and which really paid off for some amazing designs. Remember the objective is always to keep the harmony in the room, so feel free to play around with different settings and blend them together if you think they will look great! For more information and ideas on African interior home design, you can check this article from our fabric supplier.


African print sofa

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