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Amazing fabric mashups with the new collection from I!!!

I!!! is a brand that we recently discovered and we were truly blown away. They’ve been designing handbags for just a few months and have only released a preview of their collections, but one of my friends managed to hold of one of them recently and when I saw it, it immediately caught my attention.

The bag she got is this one:



If you look carefully, you’ll recognize the silhouette as inspired from Hermes’s Kelly bag. However manufactured with denim is an amazing touch, I mean I’ve never seen that on any other handbag and I have seen a fair share of handbags in my life! That’s really one of the things which caught my eye!

Another is the rhinestones stitched on the front. I think it’s Dior that released a similar model (price range was not so similar though LOL) and it just gives it that supercharged look without going over the top and doing too much. It makes me think of Christian Louboutin’s spikes, in that it gives it that amazing glamorous finish which can make you stand out exceptionally, but at the same time it nevers falls into being corny or over done. It’s a delicate balance, and one which should be recognized – after all, that is exactly what the top designers are recognized for. Who cares about “safe” when it comes to fashion design :)

Aside from the aesthetic side, this bag has another great advantage. In terms of design, you can see that it has been carefully thought out to meet each and every requirement you could have. There’s a hand-strap to carry it by hand, and a shoulder strap for when you get tired. There’s a lock on the front so that if you need to make sure it stays closed, it stays closed. There’s a whole bunch of compartments inside so you can organize your lady-stuff easily and efficiently (“where are my keys, I”m sure there in here somewhere!” said every woman at some point).

The only negative side I found about this bag was about the size. To be honest, when my friend showed it off to me, I immediately thought it was too small and to prove my point I tried to put my iPhone 6plus in. It doesn’t fit. Now for a designer who has thought about every single functional aspect, that it falling a bit short in my opinion. But well, I know a lot of girls like small (aka cute) bags, so they might be fine with that point.

That’s pretty much all on this point, I just wanted to give you all a little peek at this fabulous brand which I have discovered recently. You can check out more at their website I Am Not and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook or whatever because they are bound to drop some more hotties!

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Vintage Wallpaper – How to choose?

It’s interesting how trends and fashion is circular. The various stages are – avant-garde, trendy, mainstream, cheesy, totally out of fashion… and then about 10 years later – vintage. Vintage is all about nostalgia and rehashing various past trends charged with sentimental value, and wallpapers are no exception to this.

You’ll have seen it everywhere, retro style wallpapers are making a killing on the home deco scene. Whether its vintage prints, worn building materials or just plain old school wallpaper, here are a few which might inspire you!


Extra large brushes on this wallpaper! Perfect for a bathroom.



Vintage gold prints on this bedroom wallpaper – perfect if you’re already in the gold tones.


Vintage boxing prints on this one, low key but catchy at the same time.


Office inspired retro wallpaper.


This flower and bird print wallpaper will bring back souvenirs of your (or maybe your mum’s) childhood! Very typical vintage.


This wallpaper’s design mimicks old and worn tiles.


Floral and nature themed vintage wallpaper – heavily charged, keep the rest of the deco simple.


Worn tiles are printed on this wallpaper for a very special effect.


This wallpaper is printed with a 3D effect of embedded stone wall in black and white.


Not the easiest to put up in terms of taste and combination, this one lives up probably the most to the retro name as it is particularly representative of that vintage style.

Amazing Design Home in Costa Rica by Joan Puigcorbé


The INOUT House of San José, on the island of Costa Rica was recently finished and as we discovered it, there was no question that this is an architectural and design achievement. The main target was to blend modern design with the surrounding lush natural environment, and to have a smooth, almost invisible indoor to outdoor transition (INOUT.. IN-OUT.. ok we got it.).

The project is headed by Joan Puigcorbé, an renowned architect who also designed the Casa Altamira in Costa Rica. This time, the home covers an impressive 651 square meters and it is with high quality Melina wood that it takes shape, aligned by horizontal planes. MKBstudio provided the furniture for the interior, where the bedrooms are all placed towards the outer part of the home, while the inner part is composed of the regular rooms such as living room, kitchen and swimming pool (not sure if a swimming pool is a “regular room” but you know what we mean). Read More

Protect your Skin this Summer – Tips & Tricks

We all know the risk we take when we are exposed to the sun but we never stop to enjoy it. Ultraviolet radiation is especially dangerous since it can cause skin aging, and various skin damages. Protecting our skin from the sun is necessary for our good health.


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Large Summer Tables – The Mediterranean Style

In the delicate Mediterranean summer light, there are two styles you can be inspired by for eating in the shade…

A great menthol white table

If you’re looking for a distinctive Maghreban style touch for your home interior this year, then our design expert suggests a roof made from bamboo thatching for a outdoors, summer fresh dining table. The table itself is glazed tile with aqua tints, perfect to keep it’s crisp cool touch and aspect.

The Mediterranean region is one that is rich in history and in diversity, but almost everywhere you go, from the eastern Greek area to Morocco in the West, the dominant color theme is blue and white. White is an incredibly suitable color for here because it reflects the light which makes surfaces get less hot.

mediterranean style dining room

mediterranean style dining room

For the plates and glasses, ceramic is a superbly stylish accessible option, and ideally white in white and brown match the regional style.

White-Blue Combination

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more traditional Greek touch, then white and blue is the obvious choice.

mediterranean style dining room

Imagine yourself on a roof terrace. If you have the space, but no table, then do as above, stick a couple of tables up against each other and boom, you just got yourself a large 10-12-14 person dining table! Keep it as simple as possible, with blue and white polates and glasses. Throw in a few plants around and a sofa for a touch of sunbathing while digesting and you just may have found yourself the dream dining room for the summer!

greek dining table

Space Optimization – Free up some room!

If you live in a crowded city – New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, – then you know all about tiny flats living in tiny flats – and how cramped that can be. Stuff always piles up all over the place, and you’re constantly tripping and trodding on cables, shoes or books. Being comfortable in your own home is really a major factor for being happy as scientific and sociology studies have shown. In the field of small space optimization, designers are constantly displaying spectacular creativity and it is obvious that there is a huge market for this.

tiny cramped flat

Seriously dude?

Today we’re going to show you a new feature presented by INT2architecture, a Russian design firm with big ideas for small spaces. This room, which belonged to a 14 year old girl, was originally filled with random and hoarded objects taking up most of the place.

interior design space optimization

INT2architecture were called upon to transform the room and give it a bit more living space. They came up with a giant multi-function cupboard which includes a double bed, a wardrobe, book racks and plenty of small cupboards. But if you think that’s already good, check this out. Opposite the unit, a big blackboard mural can be slid over a full heigt mirror, and slid back to provide a screen for the projecter that is integrated in the overhead projector that is included in the chamber.

So if you have a bit of extra wood and know a good carpenter, get a bit of inspiration from this, and free up some room in your home. With a bit of organisation and imagination, you’re tiny room can become a minimalist and hip pad.


interior design space optimization interior design space optimization interior design space optimization interior design space optimization interior design space optimization

3D Liquid Floors take you away


Do you ever catch yourself dreaming about being on a beautiful virgin beach, with tropical palm trees all around you? Or maybe you wish you were in turquoise blue seas, swimming with dolphins instead of waiting to catch a cab for 30 minutes in the rain in your city center?

Well, your dreams can (almost) come true, thanks to a Dubai-based interior design company. Imperial Interiors decided there was a market for taking people to the beach, to the sea or to wild parks while being inside their very home! Nature inspired and calming, their latest creation is dubbed 3D liquid floors and it involves covering your floors and walls with large mural prints of paradise-like beaches, wild natural reserves and even a koi pond!

3D liquid floors 1

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Denim Fashion in 2015: In or Out?

denim fabric


When you think of a pair of blue jeans, what do you associate with it? Comfort? Style? Casual living?
No matter what you think of it, denim didn’t always have this positive image behind it. Far from it, actually – it wasn’t until the 1970s that you wouldn’t get shunned for wearing it.


The history of denim in fashion

“Denim” was invented in the 1500s in France. Back then, it was exclusive to sailors, who wore it as a sturdy pair of pants while working. The denim back then wasn’t the same denim that we see today though – it was a lot rougher and much more uncomfortable overall.
Levi Strauss, who we all know and love, reinvented the denim. Instead of using hard fibers, he incorporated cotton twill, which maintained the sturdiness of denim but also made it a little bit more comfortable.

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Best Wall Tapestries From Online Store

If you are tired with the same old look of your home, then this is the time to try something classy yet contemporary, modern yet elegant. You can try out wall tapestries from Wall hanging tapestries are very popular since olden days, and were used to decorate homes and important buildings. Even today they are very well used to give your room that elegant and traditional look. Wall tapestries are rich in art and texture, and bring warmth and décor to your dream home. Tapestry is actually a textile form of art, which is woven by hand on a vertical loom.


These days there are several online stores offering you with various kinds of wall tapestries. You don’t need to keep walking from shops to showrooms to get your favorite one. Just browse through the online store right from your home on your computer and enjoy shopping. Moreover, you will a wide variety of stylish and elegant designs that will surely please your eyes. Make an order for these tapestries through Internet and they will be delivered right at your doorstep. Online shopping has become a trend now days, and people love it because it saves your time and is hassle free.

Browsing through the Internet will take you to a number of stores promising the best material, but a well-known name in this field is At you will find some of the best designs of wall tapestries just for your home at an affordable price. The store promises excellent quality, great craftsmanship, with beauty and legacy at a reasonable cost. You can select your best one from the wide array of designs and varieties available here. Saveontapestries helps you to shop from the comfort of your home and office, and place your order as soon you find the right one.

Each product at is unique and you won’t find any of the two products similar. Besides wall tapestries, you can find here other tapestry goods such as tapestry cushions, pillows, tapestry wall rods, tapestry handbags, bed pulls, mats, and much more.

Their website is a treasure of different varieties of religious tapestries, medieval tapestries, and landscape tapestries. So, explore through the site to shop your favorite one today.

Minimizing Injuries With Ergonomic Chairs

Biotechnology experts claim that in the course of an office-based worker’s career, he or she would be spending 80,000 hours sitting on a chair, usually in front of a computer. Not a lot of people know that sitting for prolonged periods causes more injuries to the body than standing. To prevent such injuries, many offices now furnish their premises with ergonomic chairs for the use of their employees.



It is important to use ergonomic chairs in the workplace. As stated above, sitting for long hours can harm the body more than standing does. It is because while standing, the pressure of supporting the body is evenly distributed along the spine. The circulation of blood in the body is unhindered, and the spine freely receives the nutrients that it needs to remain fluid and flexible.


Sitting, however, makes the pressure of supporting the body uneven along the spine. The brunt of the pressure is received by the lumbar portion of the spine, which is the lower back. Blood circulation is blocked, and so the lower portion of the spine does not receive enough nutrients, causing it to harden. Preventing the lumbar portion of the spine from hardening is one of the health problems that ergonomic chairs aim to address.

However, buying even the best-designed and the most expensive of ergonomic chairs would be useless if the people using them do not sit on them correctly. Aside from using ergonomic chairs, a few minor adjustments to a person’s sitting habits will greatly reduce the cumulative damages that prolonged sitting can do to the spine.

For example, in the case of lower back pain, it can either mean that the lumbar portion of the spine is not being supported, or there is too much pressure on the vertebrae. It could also be that the muscles of the thigh are pulling at the spine because the legs are dangling and the feet are not flat on the floor. To address this problem, the backrest of the ergonomic chairs being used should be tilted forward slightly so it curves against the lumbar area of the spine. Another adjustment that should be made on the ergonomic chairs being used is to adjust the height of the chair itself so the legs are not dangling.

In the case of neck strain, tensed shoulders and pain in the upper back, it means the head is tilted too far forward or too far back. The arms also are not being supported. The adjustments that need to be made on the ergonomic chairs being used are, first, tilting the seat and the backrest either forward or backward so that the back, neck and the head are in a completely vertical position. As for the arms, the armrests of the ergonomic chairs being used should be raised or lowered so the arms are resting upon them comfortably.

If pain is experienced on the buttocks, then it means that there is too much pressure on the person’s rear. The ergonomic chairs being used should then be tilted so that the people using them are sitting deeper into the chair. The back of the thighs should also be in the seat pan.

Even the best and the most expensive ergonomic chairs cannot help reduce the damage sustained to the body if they are not being used correctly. Only a few minor adjustments to these chairs and to the person’s sitting habits are necessary, but the effects shall be great in the long run.