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Best Wall Tapestries From Online Store

If you are tired with the same old look of your home, then this is the time to try something classy yet contemporary, modern yet elegant. You can try out wall tapestries from saveontapestries.com. Wall hanging tapestries are very popular since olden days, and were used to decorate homes and important buildings. Even today they are very well used to give your room that elegant and traditional look. Wall tapestries are rich in art and texture, and bring warmth and décor to your dream home. Tapestry is actually a textile form of art, which is woven by hand on a vertical loom.


These days there are several online stores offering you with various kinds of wall tapestries. You don’t need to keep walking from shops to showrooms to get your favorite one. Just browse through the online store right from your home on your computer and enjoy shopping. Moreover, you will a wide variety of stylish and elegant designs that will surely please your eyes. Make an order for these tapestries through Internet and they will be delivered right at your doorstep. Online shopping has become a trend now days, and people love it because it saves your time and is hassle free.

Browsing through the Internet will take you to a number of stores promising the best material, but a well-known name in this field is saveontapestries.com. At saveontapestris.com you will find some of the best designs of wall tapestries just for your home at an affordable price. The store promises excellent quality, great craftsmanship, with beauty and legacy at a reasonable cost. You can select your best one from the wide array of designs and varieties available here. Saveontapestries helps you to shop from the comfort of your home and office, and place your order as soon you find the right one.

Each product at saveontapestries.com is unique and you won’t find any of the two products similar. Besides wall tapestries, you can find here other tapestry goods such as tapestry cushions, pillows, tapestry wall rods, tapestry handbags, bed pulls, mats, and much more.

Their website www.saveontapestries.com is a treasure of different varieties of religious tapestries, medieval tapestries, and landscape tapestries. So, explore through the site to shop your favorite one today.

5-Minute Fabric Decorating Tips for Unlit Fireplace Candelab

Show me one person who doesn’t like a nice roaring fire in their living room, especially in winter. If you feel that you don’t have the time or the energy to light up your fireplace, then I would strongly recommend that you look into fireplace candlebra, which is a great substitute. It can provide that magic glow so characteristic of fireplaces but without all the trouble of chopping up your firewood and collecting twigs to start the fire. But I know what you are thinking… how can you set up a fireplace candelabra worthy of your beautiful and traditional centerpiece? Well, that’s where our tips might come to your rescue!


Actually, designers know a range of tips and tweaks without even lighting any candles to make absolutely fabulous displays with your fireplace candelabra. We select the best ones that require almost no skills and investment! Be sure to try them out:

 1. Adornment magic

To start off with this one, head over directly to your local textile shop and grab a couple of tassels of various colors, around 15 to 25 cm long. These will be used to emphazie the room and the iron framework of the candelabra of your fireplace. So get a couple of tassels and a bit of matching cordon for each candle that will be on the centerpiece.

The next step would be to cut your cordon so that each piece is slightly longer than the actual perimeter of the candles. Then you have the choice of either stitching or gluing a length of cordon around each candle and adding a tassel at the joining ends of the cordon. Keep in mind that you should leave at least enough room to be able to slip the candle in and out from its base.

Now you can repeat the process with your different colored tassels and slip them onto your different candles. Shift the tassels a bit so that they are placed right at the edge of the candles and directed towards the center of the room.

This cordon-tassel-candle combo will definitely add a splendid accessory-feel to your fireplace candelabra but it goes without saying that you might want to remove them when you light the candles. If the fire hazard isn’t dissuading enough, the molten wax will definitely pour down the candle and ruin the tassel. Better just slip them off when you light the candles and pop them back on once they have been blown out.

2 . Heavy cloth

Another suggestion which we like particularly here is to use a heavy duty fabric like brocade or velvet. You will want it to be coordinated with the style and the tones of the room, of course, it goes without saying.

Once you have your fabric, what you will want to do is interweave it into the branches of your fireplace candelabra, and make sure to leave plenty of generous folds and overlaps of fabric towards the central hearth and to cover parts of the framework. Finally make sure you tuck in the ungraceful parts spilling over, and place by the fireplace, presto! Again, please do not light the candles without removing the fabric to avoid any fire risk!

3. Sheer or Transluscent fabric

If your room is more of a summer style, you might want to opt for a lighter fabric, possibly a little transparent, like chiffon or sheer. Lace is also a good choice, and will definitely suit certain types of room much better.

We hope that these ideas inspire you and of course feel free to leave comments and suggestions and make sure you stay safe!

Minimizing Injuries With Ergonomic Chairs

Biotechnology experts claim that in the course of an office-based worker’s career, he or she would be spending 80,000 hours sitting on a chair, usually in front of a computer. Not a lot of people know that sitting for prolonged periods causes more injuries to the body than standing. To prevent such injuries, many offices now furnish their premises with ergonomic chairs for the use of their employees.



It is important to use ergonomic chairs in the workplace. As stated above, sitting for long hours can harm the body more than standing does. It is because while standing, the pressure of supporting the body is evenly distributed along the spine. The circulation of blood in the body is unhindered, and the spine freely receives the nutrients that it needs to remain fluid and flexible.


Sitting, however, makes the pressure of supporting the body uneven along the spine. The brunt of the pressure is received by the lumbar portion of the spine, which is the lower back. Blood circulation is blocked, and so the lower portion of the spine does not receive enough nutrients, causing it to harden. Preventing the lumbar portion of the spine from hardening is one of the health problems that ergonomic chairs aim to address.

However, buying even the best-designed and the most expensive of ergonomic chairs would be useless if the people using them do not sit on them correctly. Aside from using ergonomic chairs, a few minor adjustments to a person’s sitting habits will greatly reduce the cumulative damages that prolonged sitting can do to the spine.

For example, in the case of lower back pain, it can either mean that the lumbar portion of the spine is not being supported, or there is too much pressure on the vertebrae. It could also be that the muscles of the thigh are pulling at the spine because the legs are dangling and the feet are not flat on the floor. To address this problem, the backrest of the ergonomic chairs being used should be tilted forward slightly so it curves against the lumbar area of the spine. Another adjustment that should be made on the ergonomic chairs being used is to adjust the height of the chair itself so the legs are not dangling.

In the case of neck strain, tensed shoulders and pain in the upper back, it means the head is tilted too far forward or too far back. The arms also are not being supported. The adjustments that need to be made on the ergonomic chairs being used are, first, tilting the seat and the backrest either forward or backward so that the back, neck and the head are in a completely vertical position. As for the arms, the armrests of the ergonomic chairs being used should be raised or lowered so the arms are resting upon them comfortably.

If pain is experienced on the buttocks, then it means that there is too much pressure on the person’s rear. The ergonomic chairs being used should then be tilted so that the people using them are sitting deeper into the chair. The back of the thighs should also be in the seat pan.

Even the best and the most expensive ergonomic chairs cannot help reduce the damage sustained to the body if they are not being used correctly. Only a few minor adjustments to these chairs and to the person’s sitting habits are necessary, but the effects shall be great in the long run.

Contemporary Furniture Trends

Fashion trends no longer dictate the way we dress or decorate our homes. Eclecticism and contrasting style directions reign in home design.
More and more people develop a taste of mixing contradictory furniture trends in their home decor, combining contemporary furniture with vintage finds and exotic art pieces.

Uncertain economy, the rise of natural disasters, persistent war conflicts and terrorist threats has resulted in the further insulation of people within their home cocoons. This cocoon lifestyle has given a boom to houseware and furniture industry, since more and more people turn to home entertainment and dinner parties instead of “going out.”

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