Choosing Wicker Furniture For Your Porch

Wicker furniture, meaning furniture that has been woven together in a certain style, is very popular for porch furniture needs. Something about the woven pattern gives it an outdoors look that seems very appropriate for porches.
In addition to this, the material is often very resistant to weather, and is comfortable to sit in as well. If you’ve been thinking about getting wicker furniture, then think no more. It’s one of the best and most tasteful choices. Read on to find out some essential information about wicker furniture that will help you make a purchase.

First you need to consider what material you want your furniture made of. Unless you want to make an environmental statement, your main concern will be its benefits in weather resistance. The most popular wicker material is a plant called rattan. Rattan is used most often because it is strong and resistant to weather. Other options include paper rope or bamboo. These sometimes look more stylish or fit better with the motif, but they are prone to coming unraveled, particularly in heavy rain or wind. Those materials are best suited for indoor furniture that will not be moved around very much.

If you live in a climate that is very hot and humid, then you should probably look for wicker furniture made of plastic. Other organic materials may rot if exposed to moisture for long enough. Plastic, on the other hand, can stay the same for long periods of time, and will be less likely to break. You should find out about what treatments have been sprayed on the furniture to protect it from fading in the sun’s light. There are many factors to consider, but if you look at all of them then you will be able to choose wicker furniture that is perfect for you


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