Sofa Tables – Great For Putting Anywhere Throughout Your Home

When you hear of sofa tables, you no doubt have an image of a table that is set behind a sofa in a living or sitting room. It is usually between the sofa and the wall. You may also see more decorative sofa tables shown off in the middle of the living room with the sofa abutting one side of it. But is that all there is to sofa tables? Are they stuck in one or two rooms of the house? Only if you limit them to those spaces.

Despite having a name that makes it seem they can only be with one other piece of furniture, sofa tables are very versatile pieces of furniture that can help finalize the look in other rooms of your home as well.

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In today’s master suites, which are larger than ever before, there are many times when a space can’t accommodate another dresser or armoire, or just doesn’t need one, but it would still be nice to have a usable area against that open portion of wall to display your personal treasures. Sofa tables can be the pieces of furniture that fill this space. You may be thinking you could just fit any table in there, but in many cases a traditional table is simply awkward.

There is a balance you have to reach when putting furniture together in a room. You need to have some changes in height to break up the monotony of all the same look. Too many items that are at the same horizontal height in the room are boring. It doesn’t give your eyes any variety and will dampen the whole character of the room. You also need to have some lighter furniture items intermingled with the heavier pieces that are in the room. A sofa table used in a master suite can not only provide the space for adding to the décor, but can also provide a needed breaking point between the heavy pieces of furniture like a highboy or armoire, while still giving the elevation and shape that you need. The sofa table at a different height can offer that elevation where another dresser or piece of furniture may create too much weight.

And in a day where we seem to always be acquiring more and more stuff, sofa tables also serve their purpose as storage assistants. Many sofa tables come with shelves and drawers where you can tuck away some of the items that can be nearby, but out of sight, or organize some of your books on the lower shelf. When it comes to the perfect piece of furniture to complete a master bedroom, bringing those sofa tables out of the living room, and away from the sofa, is often the best way to go. Sofa tables can fill an open space along a wall, have great function in the room, offering storage options, and at the same time do not overwhelm your room or the other furniture in it.

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