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Amazing fabric mashups with the new collection from I!!!

I!!! is a brand that we recently discovered and we were truly blown away. They’ve been designing handbags for just a few months and have only released a preview of their collections, but one of my friends managed to hold of one of them recently and when I saw it, it immediately caught my attention.

The bag she got is this one:



If you look carefully, you’ll recognize the silhouette as inspired from Hermes’s Kelly bag. However manufactured with denim is an amazing touch, I mean I’ve never seen that on any other handbag and I have seen a fair share of handbags in my life! That’s really one of the things which caught my eye!

Another is the rhinestones stitched on the front. I think it’s Dior that released a similar model (price range was not so similar though LOL) and it just gives it that supercharged look without going over the top and doing too much. It makes me think of Christian Louboutin’s spikes, in that it gives it that amazing glamorous finish which can make you stand out exceptionally, but at the same time it nevers falls into being corny or over done. It’s a delicate balance, and one which should be recognized – after all, that is exactly what the top designers are recognized for. Who cares about “safe” when it comes to fashion design :)

Aside from the aesthetic side, this bag has another great advantage. In terms of design, you can see that it has been carefully thought out to meet each and every requirement you could have. There’s a hand-strap to carry it by hand, and a shoulder strap for when you get tired. There’s a lock on the front so that if you need to make sure it stays closed, it stays closed. There’s a whole bunch of compartments inside so you can organize your lady-stuff easily and efficiently (“where are my keys, I”m sure there in here somewhere!” said every woman at some point).

The only negative side I found about this bag was about the size. To be honest, when my friend showed it off to me, I immediately thought it was too small and to prove my point I tried to put my iPhone 6plus in. It doesn’t fit. Now for a designer who has thought about every single functional aspect, that it falling a bit short in my opinion. But well, I know a lot of girls like small (aka cute) bags, so they might be fine with that point.

That’s pretty much all on this point, I just wanted to give you all a little peek at this fabulous brand which I have discovered recently. You can check out more at their website I Am Not and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook or whatever because they are bound to drop some more hotties!

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Denim Fashion in 2015: In or Out?

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When you think of a pair of blue jeans, what do you associate with it? Comfort? Style? Casual living?
No matter what you think of it, denim didn’t always have this positive image behind it. Far from it, actually – it wasn’t until the 1970s that you wouldn’t get shunned for wearing it.


The history of denim in fashion

“Denim” was invented in the 1500s in France. Back then, it was exclusive to sailors, who wore it as a sturdy pair of pants while working. The denim back then wasn’t the same denim that we see today though – it was a lot rougher and much more uncomfortable overall.
Levi Strauss, who we all know and love, reinvented the denim. Instead of using hard fibers, he incorporated cotton twill, which maintained the sturdiness of denim but also made it a little bit more comfortable.

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