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Large Summer Tables – The Mediterranean Style

In the delicate Mediterranean summer light, there are two styles you can be inspired by for eating in the shade…

A great menthol white table

If you’re looking for a distinctive Maghreban style touch for your home interior this year, then our design expert suggests a roof made from bamboo thatching for a outdoors, summer fresh dining table. The table itself is glazed tile with aqua tints, perfect to keep it’s crisp cool touch and aspect.

The Mediterranean region is one that is rich in history and in diversity, but almost everywhere you go, from the eastern Greek area to Morocco in the West, the dominant color theme is blue and white. White is an incredibly suitable color for here because it reflects the light which makes surfaces get less hot.

mediterranean style dining room

mediterranean style dining room

For the plates and glasses, ceramic is a superbly stylish accessible option, and ideally white in white and brown match the regional style.

White-Blue Combination

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more traditional Greek touch, then white and blue is the obvious choice.

mediterranean style dining room

Imagine yourself on a roof terrace. If you have the space, but no table, then do as above, stick a couple of tables up against each other and boom, you just got yourself a large 10-12-14 person dining table! Keep it as simple as possible, with blue and white polates and glasses. Throw in a few plants around and a sofa for a touch of sunbathing while digesting and you just may have found yourself the dream dining room for the summer!

greek dining table