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Denim Fashion in 2015: In or Out?

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When you think of a pair of blue jeans, what do you associate with it? Comfort? Style? Casual living?
No matter what you think of it, denim didn’t always have this positive image behind it. Far from it, actually – it wasn’t until the 1970s that you wouldn’t get shunned for wearing it.


The history of denim in fashion

“Denim” was invented in the 1500s in France. Back then, it was exclusive to sailors, who wore it as a sturdy pair of pants while working. The denim back then wasn’t the same denim that we see today though – it was a lot rougher and much more uncomfortable overall.
Levi Strauss, who we all know and love, reinvented the denim. Instead of using hard fibers, he incorporated cotton twill, which maintained the sturdiness of denim but also made it a little bit more comfortable.

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