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Space Optimization – Free up some room!

If you live in a crowded city – New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, – then you know all about tiny flats living in tiny flats – and how cramped that can be. Stuff always piles up all over the place, and you’re constantly tripping and trodding on cables, shoes or books. Being comfortable in your own home is really a major factor for being happy as scientific and sociology studies have shown. In the field of small space optimization, designers are constantly displaying spectacular creativity and it is obvious that there is a huge market for this.

tiny cramped flat

Seriously dude?

Today we’re going to show you a new feature presented by INT2architecture, a Russian design firm with big ideas for small spaces. This room, which belonged to a 14 year old girl, was originally filled with random and hoarded objects taking up most of the place.

interior design space optimization

INT2architecture were called upon to transform the room and give it a bit more living space. They came up with a giant multi-function cupboard which includes a double bed, a wardrobe, book racks and plenty of small cupboards. But if you think that’s already good, check this out. Opposite the unit, a big blackboard mural can be slid over a full heigt mirror, and slid back to provide a screen for the projecter that is integrated in the overhead projector that is included in the chamber.

So if you have a bit of extra wood and know a good carpenter, get a bit of inspiration from this, and free up some room in your home. With a bit of organisation and imagination, you’re tiny room can become a minimalist and hip pad.


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Sofa Tables – Great For Putting Anywhere Throughout Your Home

When you hear of sofa tables, you no doubt have an image of a table that is set behind a sofa in a living or sitting room. It is usually between the sofa and the wall. You may also see more decorative sofa tables shown off in the middle of the living room with the sofa abutting one side of it. But is that all there is to sofa tables? Are they stuck in one or two rooms of the house? Only if you limit them to those spaces.

Despite having a name that makes it seem they can only be with one other piece of furniture, sofa tables are very versatile pieces of furniture that can help finalize the look in other rooms of your home as well.

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