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Vintage Wallpaper – How to choose?

It’s interesting how trends and fashion is circular. The various stages are – avant-garde, trendy, mainstream, cheesy, totally out of fashion… and then about 10 years later – vintage. Vintage is all about nostalgia and rehashing various past trends charged with sentimental value, and wallpapers are no exception to this.

You’ll have seen it everywhere, retro style wallpapers are making a killing on the home deco scene. Whether its vintage prints, worn building materials or just plain old school wallpaper, here are a few which might inspire you!


Extra large brushes on this wallpaper! Perfect for a bathroom.



Vintage gold prints on this bedroom wallpaper – perfect if you’re already in the gold tones.


Vintage boxing prints on this one, low key but catchy at the same time.


Office inspired retro wallpaper.


This flower and bird print wallpaper will bring back souvenirs of your (or maybe your mum’s) childhood! Very typical vintage.


This wallpaper’s design mimicks old and worn tiles.


Floral and nature themed vintage wallpaper – heavily charged, keep the rest of the deco simple.


Worn tiles are printed on this wallpaper for a very special effect.


This wallpaper is printed with a 3D effect of embedded stone wall in black and white.


Not the easiest to put up in terms of taste and combination, this one lives up probably the most to the retro name as it is particularly representative of that vintage style.

Amazing Design Home in Costa Rica by Joan Puigcorbé


The INOUT House of San José, on the island of Costa Rica was recently finished and as we discovered it, there was no question that this is an architectural and design achievement. The main target was to blend modern design with the surrounding lush natural environment, and to have a smooth, almost invisible indoor to outdoor transition (INOUT.. IN-OUT.. ok we got it.).

The project is headed by Joan Puigcorbé, an renowned architect who also designed the Casa Altamira in Costa Rica. This time, the home covers an impressive 651 square meters and it is with high quality Melina wood that it takes shape, aligned by horizontal planes. MKBstudio provided the furniture for the interior, where the bedrooms are all placed towards the outer part of the home, while the inner part is composed of the regular rooms such as living room, kitchen and swimming pool (not sure if a swimming pool is a “regular room” but you know what we mean). Read More

Space Optimization – Free up some room!

If you live in a crowded city – New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, – then you know all about tiny flats living in tiny flats – and how cramped that can be. Stuff always piles up all over the place, and you’re constantly tripping and trodding on cables, shoes or books. Being comfortable in your own home is really a major factor for being happy as scientific and sociology studies have shown. In the field of small space optimization, designers are constantly displaying spectacular creativity and it is obvious that there is a huge market for this.

tiny cramped flat

Seriously dude?

Today we’re going to show you a new feature presented by INT2architecture, a Russian design firm with big ideas for small spaces. This room, which belonged to a 14 year old girl, was originally filled with random and hoarded objects taking up most of the place.

interior design space optimization

INT2architecture were called upon to transform the room and give it a bit more living space. They came up with a giant multi-function cupboard which includes a double bed, a wardrobe, book racks and plenty of small cupboards. But if you think that’s already good, check this out. Opposite the unit, a big blackboard mural can be slid over a full heigt mirror, and slid back to provide a screen for the projecter that is integrated in the overhead projector that is included in the chamber.

So if you have a bit of extra wood and know a good carpenter, get a bit of inspiration from this, and free up some room in your home. With a bit of organisation and imagination, you’re tiny room can become a minimalist and hip pad.


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