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Points to Consider When Buying a New Sofa


When it comes to picking the covering for a couch, the decision can depend on the function of the sofa, as well as the tones and decoration of the area where it will be placed.

Leather Couches

Leather couches are sturdy and long-lived and are easily a great choice if you have young kids as they are very easy to just wipe down to clean. They are also renowned to be a high-end material that provides an valuable feel and makes them appropriate for elegant rooms. Nowadays, leather treatment technology has given leather even more smoothness than ever before and there is a wide range of leather sofas that are every bit as soft and cozy as any other material. There are many synthetic leather-like materials that compare well to real leather and can often be washable, such as micro-suede.

Fabric Sofas

Fabric can have a major impact on the comfort of the sofa as well as the style. A soft fabric, like a chenille or plush, will be pleasant to touch and will add to the comfort of the piece. Crisp, smooth fabrics can help to make the whole room look neat and tidy. Removable covers that can be put into the washing machine are worth considering if your sofa often doubles as a snack area.

Height and width

The size of your couch is not only a feature to consider concerning the living space, but also to the style of the sofa and the impact that it has on the room as a whole. Measure your room before shopping for a sofa – Roomful Express offers measurements for all of the sofas in the store online for you to make sure that they fit before you visit the store to choose between them. Look at the selection online and make sure that your favorites fit your room before printing them out and bringing them to the store. Consider using our online virtual room planner tool to help with in laying out your room.
Don’t forget to measure the door frames and staircases that your sofa will have to pass through to get into your home.
“Size can mean many things when it comes to sofas – height, width and depth. If you’re someone who loves to snuggle, a deep sofa can make a big difference to your comfort. If your room is an informal room, a short sofa can fit better with the style of the room. A wide or long sofa can seat many people.”


Sofas come in many styles. There are sofas that are formal, sofas that are comfortable, sofas that are plush, sofas that are modern and edgy. Think about the style of your overall room. If your room is filled with antiques a modern-styled sofa is unlikely to fit with the style of the room. As the largest piece of furniture in the room the sofa will often set the style for the entire space.


Sofas come in many colors and patterns, and making the choice between them can seem overwhelming. Before leaving home to look at the sofa in-store, take a good look at the room in which the sofa will live. Look at the surrounding colors and materials and look for colors that will work with those materials. Materials don’t have to match but they should coordinate. If you look in a Roomful Express store you will find lots of inspiration as we have designers put together rooms that work harmoniously so that you can take inspiration from them. Walk through the entire store and look for roomfuls and furniture that is similar to what is already in your room and see what our designers put together in those rooms. Often you can find elements from different roomfuls that will work with your own home. Take your time and look around until you are comfortable with your choice.


A comfortable sofa for one person may be too soft for someone else, which is why we carry such a large variety of sofa textures. When you find a style of sofa that you like spend some time sitting on it to ensure that it is perfect for you. If you are someone who loves to put their feet up and snuggle on the couch then try that for a while in the store. If you are someone who sits upright to read often, you might find a stiffer cushion more suitable to your personal style.


Some fabrics and materials are more durable than others, so consider the treatment the sofa is going to get in your home before making your choice. Wooden arms and trim are beautiful, but if you have small children or pets they may end up getting scratched in a way that fabric arms would not. Removable cushions can be rearranged to ensure even wear (and are great for building forts!) Cushions that are fixed to the sofa frame can get additional support if they are going to be well-used.