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Vintage Wallpaper – How to choose?

It’s interesting how trends and fashion is circular. The various stages are – avant-garde, trendy, mainstream, cheesy, totally out of fashion… and then about 10 years later – vintage. Vintage is all about nostalgia and rehashing various past trends charged with sentimental value, and wallpapers are no exception to this.

You’ll have seen it everywhere, retro style wallpapers are making a killing on the home deco scene. Whether its vintage prints, worn building materials or just plain old school wallpaper, here are a few which might inspire you!


Extra large brushes on this wallpaper! Perfect for a bathroom.



Vintage gold prints on this bedroom wallpaper – perfect if you’re already in the gold tones.


Vintage boxing prints on this one, low key but catchy at the same time.


Office inspired retro wallpaper.


This flower and bird print wallpaper will bring back souvenirs of your (or maybe your mum’s) childhood! Very typical vintage.


This wallpaper’s design mimicks old and worn tiles.


Floral and nature themed vintage wallpaper – heavily charged, keep the rest of the deco simple.


Worn tiles are printed on this wallpaper for a very special effect.


This wallpaper is printed with a 3D effect of embedded stone wall in black and white.


Not the easiest to put up in terms of taste and combination, this one lives up probably the most to the retro name as it is particularly representative of that vintage style.