Wicker Furniture For Your Sunroom

Traditionally, wicker furniture is the perfect complement to the light and airiness of a sunroom. Sunlight pouring in to a room does have a tendency to fade carpet and cloth, even if the windows are specially coated to block out harmful ultra-violet rays, and so wicker furniture that doesn’t fade and has cushions that are easily replaceable are a must.

Most wicker furniture companies have presences on the web, and on these websites you can view a vast array of different designs and different colors, not only of the wicker itself but also of the cushions that go with the wicker.

In doing your pricing, make sure that the price listed for the wicker furniture also includes the cushions that are on display with it. This is not always the case. And if you do not like the fabric of the cushions, find out if you’re able to order the cushions in a different color or fabric, without extra cost. Another question to ask about the fabric is whether or not it is water or stain-resistant.

Do you plan to entertain in your sunroom? Whether it’s a sedate bridge game or a bunch of rowdy kids cheering on their favorite football team, there is a chance of some liquid spilling on the floor or on a chair or divan. Therefore it’s always a good idea to make sure you purchase stain-resistant floor coverings and cushions to begin with, or treat these items with a spray-on protectant before the sunroom sees much use.

Maintaining Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture does not need a lot of maintenance or upkeep. The weave does attract dust, just like any other surface, and so regular dusting is important. A damp cloth or a vacuum with a special pointed attachment will do the job nicely.

You can get wicker in a number of colors, however it is possible for you to paint the wicker a different color if you so desire – but you’ll want to ask the manufacturer if it is possible to paint over their particular brand. If the wicker has been varnished, you will need to use a primer first, to make sure the next coat of paint adheres properly.

It is possible to sand wicker, but this must be done very carefully, because it’s quite easy to damage the reeds, which would compromise their strength and integrity. Wicker furniture is like any other type of furniture – if the best quality materials are used it will last practically forever, if more inexpensive materials are used…there might be a tendency for the weave to split or fray, if the piece is subjected to hard use. It is possible to obtain various products to repair this damage, or even to have the weave redone in a certain section, but you’ll want to consult a professional about that.

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